Welcome to FarmBuyer

Here at FarmBuyer we understand that ‘spare time’ is not a phrase familiar to you, and if you did find yourself with a spare hour, we very much doubt shopping around for great savings on a range products would be at the top of your list!

FarmBuyer allows you to spend more time on the farm – by being an extension of your farm office, we offer a personal buying service to farmers across the UK, bringing you great savings on a huge range of products.

There is no catch, membership is free, with no joining fee or annual subscription hidden in the small print and no commitment or minimum purchase required.

FarmBuyer can source a wide range of products at competitive prices, using the unparalleled buying power of its parent company Anglia Farmers (AF) – a dedicated purchasing organisation with a turnover in excess of £250 million. You can benefit from the industry knowledge and buying power of AF’s 50 specialist buyers, who work to get the best deals possible on a huge range of products.

What are the benefits?

FarmBuyer provides a professional procurement service for all of your farm business needs.

From livestock equipment and animal health products to vehicles, mobile phones and electricity, working closely with suppliers nationwide to secure products at the best possible price. All products are delivered directly to your farm, with delivery within three to five working days of the order being placed.

Latest news


Switch and save

Switching to a FarmBuyer mobile could not only cut your phone bill by up to 40% but enable you to benefit from valuable rebates on your call spend. Rebates start at 20% of total billed monthly mobile spend and...

Last chance for deferred payment on harvest plastics

We are offering deferred payment on crop packaging – enabling you to benefit from early season prices and a bulk discount without effecting your cash flow. Committed blanket orders of £2,000 or more can be placed until 30 June,...

New feed rations available

FarmBuyer’s feed specialists have sourced a set of basic rations that are being produced from Stone in Staffordshire. Four rations will be available nationwide: * 14% Summer Dairy * HDF 18% * High Starch 18% * 16% Rearer pellet...